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The Big Bang at Vineyard 


On February 7th the Ontario Fire Department devoted their time to assist middle school students at Vineyard STEM Magnet School with a special engineering project.  Firemen courageously climbed up the hook and ladder truck over six stories and sent student projects hurling down onto the school’s basketball court.  Some students cheered while others could barely watch as their precious cargo came crashing down.  The students are enrolled in the MESA (Math, Engineering, Science and Achievement) elective course and will soon be participating in a regional engineering competition at UC Riverside against other local schools.  These students collaborated in teams to design a specialized container of eggs that could withstand the impact of falling over six stories.  They were provided design parameters for their projects and were allowed to be creative in determining the materials and structure of the container.  The teams took various approaches such as creating custom compartments for the eggs or using popcorn to absorb the shock.  Some teams preferred to add their padding to the outside of their project, while others created unique designs such as a pyramid whose points would absorb the impact.  As the projects landed, students were eager to see how their project faired.  Even the firemen were anxious to see the results. This course is one of the many ways that Vineyard STEM Magnet School students apply what they are learning in math and science to solve hands-on problems and it is an additional example of how we work with our community partners to enhance student learning.  It is this collaborative and inquiry process that helps these students to deepen their understanding of core subjects.  Not to mention, they have a blast doing it!  The students with the highest success rate of eggs that did not crack in the fall will participate in the egg drop competition on MESA Day at the UC Riverside campus. As for students with projects that did not qualify, there may still be hope for their mouse trap cars!





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