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Mission's Parent Partnership   


Mission Elementary School is living the OMSD motto of doing “whatever it takes” to improve student learning. After recent increases in student learning have allowed Mission to be one of the few schools in California to exit the designation as a Program Improvement school, the Mission teachers are looking for ways to strengthen the home-school partnership between parents and teachers to continue to improve.
Research indicates that a long summer break can have detrimental effects on student learning and many children regress after a long break. So rather than sit back and hope for the best, Mission staff is getting serious about asking parents to partner in the learning of every child. Teachers hosted a Parent Partnership Night for every grade level. Teachers of the incoming grades presented parents with free instructional materials and asked that they work with their children on a couple of clearly identified learning targets during the summer. Over 200 parents attended the evening meetings where many resources were distributed. For example, future first grade parents were given the flash cards with the first grade sight words expected at the end of the year; third grade parents were given multiplication flash cards with a 100 problem test sheet and vis-à-vis marker to conduct 5 minute tests at home; and all parents were given local library locations and maps with summer reading programs. Mission has made some dramatic gains in student learning and with this kind of partnership between home and school there’s no question that Mission is THE place to be! 





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