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Purpose Statement
The charge and the mandate of the Ontario-Montclair School District Alternative Governance Board is to evaluate and monitor the instructional programs for schools in Year 4 and 5 of No Child Left Behind Program Improvement.  The Alternative Governance Board responsibilities include planning, monitoring, and overseeing the implementation of the restructuring plans developed by each school according to NCLB regulations.  Included within the scope of this oversight is regular school and classroom visitations and meeting with site leadership members to discuss findings and recommendations.

The Alternative Governance Board will report at least twice a year to the Board of Trustees.  The report will highlight school academic progress and recommendations for improving student achievement at Year 4 and 5 Program Improvement sites.



AGB Agenda -3-27-2014 - Spanish - for posting.pdfAGB Agenda -3-27-2014 - Spanish - for postingLucy Garcia
AGB Agenda - 3-27-14.pdfAGB Agenda - 3-27-14Lucy Garcia
AGB Agenda - 9-26-2013 - Spanish.pdfAGB Agenda - 9-26-2013 - SpanishLucy Garcia
AGB Agenda - 9-26-2013.pdfAGB Agenda - 9-26-2013Lucy Garcia
AGB Calendar for 2012-2013 - revised 3-11-13.pdfAGB Calendar for 2012-2013 - revised 3-11-13Lucy Garcia
AGB Site Walkthroughs - 2012-2013. revised 3-11-13.pdfAGB Site Walkthroughs - 2012-2013. revised 3-11-13Lucy Garcia
Spanish Agenda AGB 4-25-2013.pdfSpanish Agenda AGB 4-25-2013Lucy Garcia
AGB Agenda - 4-25-2013.pdfAGB Agenda - 4-25-2013Lucy Garcia
Spanish Agenda AGB 3-11-2013.pdfSpanish Agenda AGB 3-11-2013Lucy Garcia
AGB Agenda - 3-11-2013.pdfAGB Agenda - 3-11-2013Lucy Garcia
Spanish Agenda AGB 9-27-2012.pdfSpanish Agenda AGB 9-27-2012Lucy Garcia
AGB Agenda - 9-27-2012.pdfAGB Agenda - 9-27-2012Lucy Garcia
Spanish Agenda AGB 5 10 2012.pdfSpanish Agenda AGB 5 10 2012Lucy Garcia
Agenda 5-10-2012.pdfAgenda 5-10-2012Lucy Garcia
AGB Calendar for 2012-2013.pdfAGB Calendar for 2012-2013Lucy Garcia
Spanish Agenda AGB 8 30 2012.pdfSpanish Agenda AGB 8 30 2012Lucy Garcia
AGB Agenda - 8-30-2012.pdfAGB Agenda - 8-30-2012Lucy Garcia
Spanish Agenda AGB 3-8-2012.pdfSpanish Agenda AGB 3-8-2012Kathy Marsh
Agenda 3-8-2012.pdfAgenda 3-8-2012Kathy Marsh
Spanish Agenda AGB 1-12-2012.pdfSpanish Agenda AGB 1-12-2012Kathy Marsh
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