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It Makes A Classroom Experience Richer If You Bring The World To The Classroom

Community service for all eighth grade students is a requirement of the International Baccalaureate Program at Wiltsey Middle School. Students have been working all year to identify a community or world issue and develop a plan to address that need. One project definitely stood out this year. Read More...



OMSD Art Festival a Huge Success 


The Ontario-Montclair School District hosted its first Art Festival on April 12, 2016. It was an exciting event to recognize students for their outstanding artwork. Over 500 pieces of art were submitted by students in preschool through eighth grade. Twenty-five judges (local business owners, service organization representatives, museum representatives, District staff, and community leaders) were tasked with selecting the winning pieces. All participants received a Certificate of Participation. The First, Second, and Third Place winners, as well as Honorable Mention recipients received awards at the Festival.  Thank you to all the judges and congratulations to all of the students who participated.


  Congratulations 2016 Elementary Track & Field Athletes


All 26 OMSD elementary schools participated in the 2016 OMSD Track & Field Event held at Chaffey High School.  Each school had a team of 24 athletes who competed in eight different track and field events.  The day was full of excitement and strong competition.  Congratulations to all 624 athletes and their coaches.


Ten OMSD schools will be honored under the State’s Gold Ribbon Schools Awards Program.

The District is proud to celebrate: Berlyn Elementary School, Buena Vista Arts-integrated School, Edison Elementary School, Elderberry Elementary School, Howard Elementary School, Kingsley Elementary School, Lehigh Elementary School, Monte Vista Elementary School, Ramona Elementary School, and Sultana Elementary School. 

The California Gold Ribbon Schools Award was created to honor schools in place of the California Distinguished Schools Program, which is on hiatus while California creates new assessment and accountability systems. Nearly 6,000 elementary schools were eligible to apply this year. Schools applied for the award based on a model program or practice their school has adopted that includes standards-based activities, projects, strategies, and practices that can be replicated by other local educational agencies.

Congratulations to each of these ten schools, including their students, staff, parents, and communities.

  AAUW Donates Dictionaries

The Ontario-Montclair School District would like to extend a very sincere thank you to the Ontario-Upland-Rancho Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) for their continued generous donation of dictionaries to every third grade student in the Ontario-Montclair School District.  For the past seven years, AAUW has generously donated approximately 2,500 dictionaries to our students.  The donated dictionaries are a vital tool for our students and teachers.  This wonderful gift will provide students a much needed resource for many years to come.  Thank you again AAUW!!

Annual OMSD Poetry Day

In what has now become a District tradition, the fourth Annual Poetry Day held on Saturday April 2, 2016, was an outstanding success. Over the course of three-hours, hundreds of students, parents and staff members came from all OMSD schools to show off their outstanding poetry work and display their creativity. In excess of 100 students read their poems out loud and demonstrated confidence and creativity as they shared their poems to a multipurpose room full to capacity. The multipurpose room at Linda Vista was overflowing with poetry on all surfaces, from the walls to the tables and even from the ceiling. DJ Jam kept the atmosphere lively, playing upbeat music for all to enjoy and our OMSD contracted working artists, Brian Oliva,  Antonio Edwards and David Oliver shared their passion for poetry and their commitment to the art of expression as they actively engaged in the events of the day. Poetry was a Day to remember for our students and families.

  Meet OMSD’s 2016 Models of Excellence


The District’s Excellence Campaign is a celebration of OMSD alumni who serve as models of excellence for our students by continuing to give back to our community through their service.  Research has proven that high expectations, positive role models, strong student-teacher relationships, and believing students will succeed have a direct positive impact on students’ academic success and in building strong communitiesThe models of excellence are celebrated for their service to the OMSD community, for exemplifying positive role models, and for continuing to inspire our students to succeed.


Pet Therapy at El Camino

Once a month volunteer Rose Kelley from Therapy Pets Unlimited and her therapy dog, Hailey, visit The El Camino Autism Program. The children look forward to these visits where they experience the unconditional love that Hailey offers. During the time that Ms. Kelley and Hailey are at El Camino, children take turns in small groups to visit with them. The students pet and hug Hailey, which is beneficial for the sensory and social development of our students. Ms. Kelley answers their many questions about Hailey including Hailey’s favorite games to  play, why she is thirsty, and where she lives. These powerful sessions allow the students to draw out communication skills practice in a safe, loving environment. We are appreciative of the time that Ms. Kelley and Hailey spend with the El Camino learning community and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.

About OMSD
The Ontario-Montclair School District was founded in 1884 and is currently the third largest elementary school district in California.  The district covers most of the City of Ontario, Montclair, portions of Upland, and unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County.  Serving 22,755 students, the district has 26 elementary schools, and six middle schools.

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