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The Ontario-Montclair School District and OMSD TV are proud to present our second episode of the 2014-2015 school year. In this episode we visit Lehigh Elementary School who was recently accepted in the No Excuses University (NEU) Network of Schools last year. Lehigh takes us on a journey into the future where we get to see how No Excuses University helped our students realize their dreams.

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Vista Grande Elementary School Students Love Math!

The 6th graders are working on how potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.  To bring that learning to life, students work in small groups to build a roller coaster model where they must calculate how much of an initial drop is required to get a marble around a loop. 

The room was buzzing with conversation and its own kind of ENERGY as students experimented with height and diameter and had their own successes and failures.  This is a math lesson that won’t soon be forgotten by these young engineers!

"Egg-o-magnet" Wins Second Place at San Bernardino County Science Fair

Oaks Middle School student Jonathan Boyer earned a silver medal for his science fair project at the San Bernardino County competition for 2015, held at Cal State San Bernardino. His project was titled “egg-o-magnet” and tested if a magnet would affect an egg when dropped at different heights. His theory was based on Galileo and Len’s laws of physics. Jonathan’s project has been chosen for the Broadcom MASTERS Competition. If his project is selected, he will be going on to compete with a group that could ultimately go to the national level in Washington D.C. later this year. Jonathan exemplifies Oaks Eagle Pride and we wish him the best of luck as he moves forward with his project.

President Dr. Soraya M. Coley of California Polytechnic University at Pomona Visits Lehigh Elementary

Lehigh Elementary School hosted a memorable visit from Dr. Soraya M. Coley, California Polytechnic University at Pomona President. She was accompanied by three enthusiastic Cal Poly Pomona students who presented to Lehigh fourth graders. In Dr. Coley’s presentation, she stressed the importance of hard work, perseverance and connecting with each student’s inner gift. Read More...

Stephanie Owens, an OMSD Teacher on Assignment, has been named Agatha Christie Master Teacher of the Year!

The Agatha Christie Master Teacher Search is a competition in which a middle school teacher of Agatha Christie’s works is selected to create an original lesson plan and teaching materials for an Agatha Christie novel, and teach a video-taped master lesson.

As The Master Teacher, Stephanie will be awarded a cash prize of $2,500, a trip for two to England to attend events during the annual International Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay, Devon in September and a visit to Agatha Christie’s estate at Greenway. She will also receive tickets to The Mousetrap in the West End, a school cash prize of $2,500 and a complete set of Agatha Christie’s books.

Click here for press release.

The Board of Trustees Recognized Six OMSD Alumni as “2015 Models of Excellence” 

The District’s Excellence Campaign is a celebration of OMSD alumni who serve as models of excellence for our students by continuing to give back to our community through their service.


Congratulations and thank you to the 2015 Recipients:  Richard Delman, Maribel Garnica, Richard Hurtado, Fabian Martin, G. Michael Milhiser, and Michael Vo.

 Click here to view the press release


Congratulations Ray Wiltsey Middle School

Wiltsey Middle School was featured in the March 2015 Issue of IBWorld Magazine. The article highlights how our teachers also learn by doing projects dedicated to service. It also features Wiltsey’s trip to Africa where our teachers provided awesome service to students in Kenya. Click here to read the article on page 35.



An Explosion of Poetry at OMSD’s Fourth Annual Poetry Day!

On April 4, 2015 hundreds of students, parents, community and staff members spent time enjoying the writing of our talented students.  The multipurpose room at Linda Vista was overflowing with poetry on all surfaces, from the walls to the tables and even from the ceiling.  Students found their poetry among the magnitude of poems submitted and then had an opportunity to perform their work for a warm and encouraging audience.    There was a DJ that kept the atmosphere lively playing upbeat music for all to enjoy.  Poetry Day was a day celebrating our students’ creative written and spoken inspirations of poetry.  Every poem submitted was on display.  OMSD contracted working artists, Brian Oliva and Antonio Edwards, to work with school sites prior to Poetry Day to get students excited about poetry and create something the students would be proud of.  Brian and Antonio’s passion for poetry came through loud and clear with working with students as well as performing their poetry at Poetry Day.  Thank you to all the students and school sites that submitted poetry making this event our biggest poetry submission yet.  Also, thank you to all the students, parents, community and staff members that came out to support Poetry Day!  And a special thanks to Aspiring Administrators: Dinae Geer, Kimberly Martindale and Lolita Calzada for the year-long planning and behind the scenes work!

De Anza Middle School's 3rd Annual College Day

In what has now become a tradition, De Anza Middle School hosted its 3rd Annual College Day on Friday, March 20, 2015. Over thirty professionals representing various industries and college students from all over the southland were in attendance, including De Anza alum and visitors from as far as Vancouver, Canada. These special guests received the "Planting the Seed" award for their help in sharing De Anza's message, "College is not a dream. It is a plan!"
Dr. Marco Villegas, principal, hosted the opening ceremony. He captured the essence of this event by telling students, “All of these people are here today because they believe in you and they believe in your future!" Read More...

Sultana Sports and Science Academy Offers Family Math Night!

Our teachers shared the importance of making math meaningful and relevant to students’ daily lives, illustrating opportunities to engage in oral language development, and sharpening the skills of our students, molding them into mathematicians while having fun at the same time. Families had the opportunity to engage in two different sessions where they played educational games with their students and were given ready-made resources so they could continue the fun at home. A special thanks to our Sultana Academy Special Events Committee for coordinating a successful event!

Montera Is Scientifically Shining

Science involves patience and perseverance. Science teaches students about the world around them too. But most of all, science is a wonderful way to solve problems and spark creativity and ingenuity in our kids. That is why we are proud to announce that On Saturday, March 7, 2015, Montera students participated in the Inland Empire’s Science Olympiad. Mrs. Hellings said, "Our Olympians met all the challenges with fearless, determined, effective team work! I am so proud of them!” Read More...

Celebrating Our Elementary Honor Orchestra

On February 28th  over 100 elementary musicians from all over San Bernardino County performed at the University of Redlands in the County Honor Orchestra.  Among the performers were OMSD students from the following elementary schools; Berlyn, Ramona, Lincoln, Del Norte, and Buena Vista.  One of our own OMSD music teachers was chosen to rehearse and conduct the honor group.  The orchestra is formed every year by San Bernardino County Music Educators association, and the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools.

LCAP Season Continues!

An important part of the development of our Local Control Accountability Plan includes gathering input from our stakeholders.  Who better to give input than our primary clients…OUR STUDENTS!  On Wednesday, March 18th ninety student representatives, from our nine schools with 8th grade students, gathered in our first LCAP Student Congress.  Dr. Byrd presented information about the LCAP, including the eight state priorities and the Local Control Funding Formula, to our student ambassadors.  Draft goals were presented to these young adults and then the students generated feedback about what was working at their school as well as giving ideas for improvement.  The students actively engaged in the discussion around each goal and provided earnest input about how to help the district to create action plans to impact the education of the children in the district.  It was an amazing group of thoughtful students in action in OMSD.  Thank you to the students and staff at the sites that helped to make this first effort to gain stakeholder input from our students a resounding success!   


OMSD's Annual Spelling Bee

At OMSD's 7th Annual Spelling Bee, students from 1st grade through 8th grade, representing 25 elementary and middle schools, matched their spelling talents in a robust competition that went 46 rounds.

After two and a half hours, Montera Elementary School 6th grade student, Anna Nguyen, was crowned OMSD's Spelling Bee Champion. Anna, along with all other 24 competitors, will have the opportunity to represent the Ontario-Montclair School District at the San Bernardino County level competition being held at Mount San Antonio (Mt. Sac) College. Good luck to all! 

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